Fear Of Deception In Hamlet

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“Corruption is a cancer that steals from the poor, eats away at governance and moral fibre and destroys trust.”(Robert Zoellick)It ultimately impairs of integrity, trust, virtues, and hardens the innocent who suffers as a result of it. It messes up the good processes of governing and depreciates the morals of an individual and later endangers the society as a whole. It becomes a barrier to development and truth making no room for justice. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, fear of loss of power corrupts the State of Denmark. The motif corruption stems from Claudius and deliberately spreads to the other characters which eventually results in the collapse of Denmark. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark grieves at his father’s death, and the hassled marriage of his …show more content…

The centered facet in art of deception is the fear of being deceived. Hamlet cannot be trusted by the ghost because he fears that the ghost may be a deception. Hamlet uses deception to deceit others about his pretended madness and insanity. Claudius is nervous about Hamlet’s antic behavior, as he is afraid of deception by Hamlet. Laertes and Polonius fear possible deceit from Hamlet to Ophelia and think Hamlet’s love is ambiguous and false. Those characters who fear deception are the very ones who spiritedly enjoy spying on others. Deception has reached at a time where parents spy on their children, Polonius sends Reynaldo to Paris to investigate what his son is in Paris. Trust has not become resilient and has no necessity for them. Instead, deception has become powerful defense when taking revenge. In times of need people will reject their moral values for instant gratification, avoiding the success of others, and serving the self instead of the rest. Polonius gives a piece of advice to his son “To Thine Own Self Be True” meaning focus on what benefits you first. People no longer can indulge in their separates of deceiving because simply trust cannot be in between. It is not always firm. Because there are no such laws against betrayal, men do not fear in performing betrayal. Deception with utility is pernicious and ultimately is what gets the deceits including Hamlet

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