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The United States spends more money on education each year than any other country in the world, yet the education system is not thriving. Three decades ago, America was the leader in the quality of high school diplomas, yet, students in the U.S. rate 31st in math literacy and 23rd in science in comparison to the rest of the world. (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) The country that is famous for being the most advanced and innovative country in the world is yielding a generation that is falling behind in the global education race. Public K-12 education is worsening simultaneously with the growing competitiveness of universities. Part of the problem is that teachers are not being paid sufficiently, and many find themselves being laid off. College is getting exponentially more expensive each year. These are only a couple of the issues that the american education system faces today, but the list carries on.

A possible explanation for the decline in quality education is the NCLB Act. This act was signed into effect by President George W. Bush in 2002 and aimed at holding all students up to an equal achievement standard. The problem with this is that students are held accountable of meeting these standards, regardless of language barriers, ability levels, and minor disabilities. This “one size fits all” mentality is not providing students with the ultimate education for their specific needs, and thus is damaging the quality of education for every student. The NCLB act has

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