Feldman: Businesses as Social Agents

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Feldman (2012) is a retired corporate lawyer with extensive experience in his field, having served a number of American corporations and in some, having been instrumental in their development. In this particular article he describes the focus of the current crop of business organizations on the bottom-line. He believes that outsourcing, cost-cutting and downsizing activities geared towards the bottom-line forgets the impact of an active and extensive business enterprise to society - it employs, it enhances the market, in increases buying power. Current practices shrink the market and with lower employment, the buying power of society at large is impacted so that by tightening the purse strings, the likelihood of wealth creation is limited too. Once, Feldman (2012) descries that ethics, codes of conduct and mission and vision of companies were the golden rule - now, as long as the bare minimum is met, social responsibility is practiced in ways that allow for legal and political correctness only. Thus, reflecting on Whitehead's statement - "What is morality in any given time and place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like and immorality is what they dislike," it is possible to argue that the manner of business conduct by the businesses described by Feldman are immoral in a sense that majority of the American people will dislike their practice - they are after all the driving force behind outsourcing, lost jobs and prolonged recession. This of course is
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