Female Offenders Against Women

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In my essay I am going to discuss whether female defendants are treated more leniently in the criminal justice system. To help us understand female offenders better, we need to understand the role the background of the offender plays when deciding sentences for female defendants.
The criminal justice system is made up of many agencies, these agencies are, the police, crown prosecution service, criminal defence service, courts, probation and the prison service.
Women tend to commit different crimes than men do, the crimes women that are most linked to are theft, fraud, production, supply and possession with intent. Men often commit violent crimes, robbery, burglary and sexual offences. In 2014/15 there were 534 homicides recorded in the United …show more content…

They spoke to 200 magistrates across England and Wales. They found out that women are more likely to get a community sentence rather than a fine because judges who hand down the sentence are reluctant to give a fine because they feel they are penalising her children and not just the defendant. Men and women were also equally likely to go to prison for a first violent offence, women as first time offenders are less likely to get a custodial sentence in comparison to men. They also found out that women who were convicted of drug offences were more likely to be discharged and men were more likely to be fined. This backs up the notion that judges who impose the sentences are reluctant to impose one particular sentence to …show more content…

young women, single women, women who commit violent crimes and women who commit crimes against children. Examples of women treated harshly are Rose, West and Myra Hindley, these women all committed crimes that involved a deviation from the loving, caring, motherly stereotype that is often applied to women. Rose West and Myra Hindley also committed crimes against children. Women are often of trial for their legal infractions and for their deviance to appropriate gender roles. This concept is known as double deviance. Farrington and Morris (1983) said that women are not treated more leniently and Box (1981) said that if it is the case that women are treated more leniently it’s because their crimes are less serious in nature and women are more likely to show

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