Female Professional Sports Than Male

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Yes, and one of the main reasons form that I see is that there are not as much female professional sports than male. When I look at college sport pages and you look at the sports there are more female sports than boys’ sports at some schools. Even though they have more sports to play most of them has no opportunity further they sport careers. In the Playing Unfair video it said “we infrequently see images of women athletes as athletes” this got me thinking of RSM 317 and the 6 ways the media portrays the female athlete. Out of the 6 ways you really do not see Athletic competence. Athletic competence is the way the athlete is portrayed in uniform, on court, or in action. An example of how men differs from women is and both of these photos are link to 2 sports illustrated cover magazines. One is Stephen Curry shooting a 3 point shot and the other is Serena Williams in a non-athletic cover shoot that has nothing to do with her sport. “Youth sport was preparing a generation of boys to work in the factory (Eric Anderson).” In the industrial revolution this what they were putting money into youth sport for. Some of it was to prepare them for the military. In history sport has already been going but playing a sport was mainly for men to play it and not women. In today’s world now it has got
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