Feminism Has Changed Over The Years

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Feminism has changed over the years. It’s grown into a much more defined value in today’s society. Is that enough though? Not necessarily. The problem with the feminist movement is that it’s lost traction because of the diverse subgroups. It’s pretty hard for all the groups to conform onto one idealistic view of what feminism should stand for in our society. One thing stands out between all the groups though that they can agree on, and it is that women should be equal to men. Why hasn’t this been always a key thing though? Well, for America at least, this dates back to the Native Americans. Native Americans had men go out to hunt for food and do all the “strong” manual labor for the women as they sit home, cook, clean, and nurture the young. The funny thing is, that Native Americans did that for a much different reason than what our view on that today is. People that are anti-feminism have an idea that the reason men lived that way compared to women because men are stronger, smarter, wiser, etc. The real reason Native Americans did this is because they actually viewed women higher than manual labor. They didn’t think women were unfit to do the tasks, but yet simply more valuable than a man. For example, if a group of three women went out to hunt a wild animal and two died in the process, then the group would lose two potential mothers to continue the tribe. Now if three men went out to hunt a wild animal and two died in the process, then that one man could impregnate the…
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