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Mary Wollstonecraft as Most Valuable Thinker Mary Wollstonecraft was known as the “first feminist” and was a leader to many women during a time where woman’s rights were not important to many people. She lead woman through treacherous times filled with sexism and misogyny. During the enlightenment period, people came up with new ideas no one had thought of before and Mary was one of these people. Wollstonecraft thought women were just as important as men were and thought that women and men should be equal. Mary impacted the world with her philosophical ideas. She wrote works concerning jobs and schooling for women. To be a valuable thinker you must be able to influence many countries and bring completely new ideas to the world. Mary …show more content…

She believed that if an individual is going to develop in there life, then they would need an education, whether they were male or female. This makes her a very valuable thinker because she was smart and realized that people need education. She had the idea of equal education and at this time it was a rare thought that few people had. Mary Wollstonecraft was one of the most influential women in the entire world. She influenced America very strongly and many other countries. Specifically in America, she was one of the first people to give the idea of feminism, and this led to women’s rights movements. Throughout other countries, the idea of equality has spread, making women able to work any job they want. In addition to this, they can get the education they deserve, and do many other activities that do not involve staying in the household, as society dictates in those parts of the world. Western Society is constantly changing, and Mary Wollstonecraft should be accredited for that, being the pinnacle of an entire movement, making her the MVT of the enlightenment. Overall, I think Mary Wollstonecraft is a valuable thinker because she influenced the world with her new feminist thoughts, showed the world equality in education, and taught women to be confident and prove themselves equal to men. She was a leader full of new ideas and thoughts during the enlightenment

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