Feminism In Fire On The Mountain

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Fire on the Mountain and That Long Silence as a Feminist novels
Anita Desai and Shashi Deshpande both are the feminist authors. The word Feminism means getting the same rights for women as enjoyed by men. This word originated from the latin word ‘femina’ meaning ‘woman’ that’s mainly focused on women’s rights, status and power at par with men on the grounds of equality of sexes. Feminism was a great movement fights for women’s equal rights. However, there is a difference between Indian feminism and Western feminism in terms of traditions and norms, culture and society, life and living styles. Indian Feminism never tried to change the overall system and never denies religion. It only demands social reformation, the equal treatment and respect, …show more content…

Self awareness or personal consciousness is the main theme of Fire on the Mountain. This novels describes the struggle for identity, liberate herself from the various roles of women, to attain a state of free and creative individuality. These all are the features that make this novel as a feminist …show more content…

Their novel revolves around the feminism. Their protagonist struggles for their status and rights, however firstly they are haunted by past memories or experiences but at the end of the novel they realize their selves. They gave another version of history from women’s point of view. Both the writers successfully conveys the message that no one going to fight for their rights, only women can do by realizing their own selves and their inner strength because everyone deserves a fair chance no one is better than other, everyone has their own qualities. So it is necessary that women also get fair chance and equal treatment. All these things are represented by both the writers and that’s why their novel called as a Feminist

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