Feminism In The Crucible

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In the Crucible, there are only a few types of woman being displayed. There are three contradistinctive personalities show in three different women. A few are shown to be moral, truthful people, while others are shown to be dishonest and deceitful. It can be concluded that the playwright is not a feminist. The author, Miller does not portray the females as impeccable and immaculate. Instead, Miller shows many slipups and vulnerabilities of the females being displayed. The story begins in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. Back then females are looked upon as a debilitated creature with low social status where they have to be deferential and obedient to the males. Back then slavery was allowed and the author shows how Tituba was an African American slave who was serving her master, Reverend Parris. The only reason why women are important is for giving birth and being a housewife. They end up serving their husband and being obedient by doing what the husband says so. It is set out that the only way for women to obtain or approach power is to be continuously and steadily dishonest. An exception however, would be Rebecca nurse, who was one of the few good Christian woman blessed with many children which held her in high esteem. One of the females that has the most flaws compared to the other women is Abagail. Evidently, she is portrayed as being the antagonist in the play. From the way Miller displays Abigail, she is shown to be a prevaricator, thief, and a guileful person.

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