Theme Of Women In The Crucible And Half-Hanged Mary

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There are various ways you can portray women throughout, The Crucible. Some are raised with high expectations, morals, and the majority are raised in a Christian household. And some are raised the complete opposite. In The Crucible, women are viewed in many different ways based on their actions and behavior. In Margaret Atwood’s poem, “Half-Hanged Mary,” she often views women the same way. The author in The Crucible, Arthur Miller, uses very important women to characterize the certain roles of women. The author of the poem, “Half-Hanged Mary also shows how women portray the roles of how women were treated in the poem, as well as the story, The Crucible. Both of these authors, Margaret and Arthur, compare the similar roles of women based on their well being and moral upbringings. The author of The Crucible and the author of “Half-Hanged Mary,” both portray how women are treated and looked upon based on their gender roles. Women’s roles back in the Puritan times differ from how women are treated today. During Puritan times, women were considered to be weak and a servant to the male. In Margaret Atwood’s poem, “Half-Hanged Mary,” she shows this by using a main character in the story named Mary. Mary was a woman who gets accused of witchcraft during the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692, and later gets hanged. On the day of Mary’s hanging, men of the community gather around. Not to pity her, but to show their dominance, and hatred towards her. Mary states, “The men of the town

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