Feminism : The Conservative Gender Norms That Perpetuates Rape Culture, And The Construction Of The Family

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It is mind-blowing at how little a woman has ownership over her own body. It is even more remarkable how, even in 2016, women cannot freely enjoy being sexually active, like men, without shade being thrown at them. Jill Filipovic touches on these issues in her article, Offensive Feminism: The Conservative Gender Norms that Perpetuates Rape Culture, and How Feminists Fight Back. Ms. Filipovic gives insight into how these perceptions helps the rape culture in America stay alive. In this reflection paper, I plan on evaluating how there is a “war over the most basic of values: the humans rights to bodily autonomy and self-determination, the role of women in society, and the construction of the family (14).”

Believe it or not, women like sex too. Their motives for sex can be for physical, emotional, goal-based, or insecurity reasons. Whatever their intention is, women should not be shamed for participating in sexual activity. Especially, if men can do it for all the same reasons and be patted on the back for it. With that being said, women should also have the right to say no for any reason. Maybe a woman invites a man up to her apartment and she makes the first move. If she for any reason decides to stop, she has the right. As women, we should have the right to say no to a man “even if we’ve been drinking, even if we’ve slept with [them] before, even if we’re wearing tight jeans, even if we’re naked in bed with [them] (21).” There should not be a point where there is “no going

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