Feminist Christology

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Male theologians had done almost all theology in the Christian tradition. Today women are waking up to their own dignity and finding their own voice. Some faith is now being reflected from the perspectives and experiences of women. This is commonly called Feminist Christology. There are many types of feminist Christology that can be divided into two categories. The revolutionary school of thought is produced by women who, upon examining the Christian tradition, find it so male-dominated that they pronounce it hopelessly irredeemable. The other category is of the reformist feminist theologians, who also find the Christian tradition male-dominated but find hope for it to be transformed. The reformist stay within the church and…show more content…
Whatever enables this to flourish is redemptive and of God; whatever damages this is non-redemptive and contrary to God 's intent. The one example to demonstrate all of these discriminations is the denial of the rights of women as persons. What is called for is transformation of the self and of social systems that support exploitative relations, the relations between men and women key among them. The second step involves analysis of tradition and there, when the turn is made to Christology, the judgement is made that of all the doctrines of the church Christology is the one most used to oppress women. It basically comes down to the way Jesus ' maleness was portrayed. The problem arises when Jesus ' maleness, this particular aspect of himself as a person, is lifted up and made into universal principle. This then operates in two ways which contribute to the subordination of women. First, it comes to be taken for granted that the maleness of Jesus reveals the maleness of God, or that the only proper way to represent God is in male images. Through the bible and throughout Jesus ' life God is imaged as the father, always in male terms, a naming which rebounds to the benefit of male human being. Feminist theologians believe that since God is Spirit, he can be neither male nor female. In the book of Genesis God gave no preference to either male or female. In the
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