Feminist Definition Essay

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Did you know for a couple years had gone past women of our nation today have considered themselves being feminist or not? The common definition of feminist is advocating for social, political, legal, economic rights for women to be equal to men. Which I don’t think no one would disagree with it or may be some disagreement because everyone can force their own opinion. We live in this era today when you say that your feminist is praised more so as a religion. Personally, myself I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist. Understanding that men do have higher roles in the workplace, but women are striving to get on the same level. Women do have the voting rights that already have been abolished, but it seems like women who are feminist are asking for more than the usual women. Some rights that are given to men is fit for them not for us we should just stay in our place. As we know there are some disguising human-beings on this earth, every relationship is different and is not perfect. I am a heterosexual female always will be. …show more content…

While being attracted to dudes is where I feel more comfortable everything is not perfect when dealing with guys, but you tend to know those things off hand. Never had any encounters with a female or show any feelings towards them. I have no problem with lesbian, bisexual, transgender individuals at all they are very nice people I don’t agree with the way they are displayed in social media or on the news also what they do behind closed doors is unacceptable and rises to more problem dealing with sexually transmitted diseases. Also, there are known stereotypes that if your feminist you don’t shave your arms or legs or private parts. Or wear oversized clothing to hide their figure which I think is not right because as a female you should be fine with your body not insecure which is not the case for

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