Feminist Epistemology Summary

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I decided to write my paper on Lorraine Code’s article about feminist epistemology. Code talks about how in philosophy there are many different ideas that exist relating to knowledge. Code talks about how in the world of philosophy there are many different “knowers” or people who have obtained knowledge and given out their ideas to be followed by society. The problem was that during the time period when western philosophy was so prominent, men were looked at as being above females and that the knowledge of a man was more accurate than the knowledge of a woman. Code talks about how it is important to look at the character of the person and their interest in the issue they gave knowledge on. She believes that the sex of the knower is significant …show more content…

There are things that women experience and go through that a man would never be able to comprehend. There is knowledge that women obtain and process that men cannot understand. Women naturally have qualities such as gentleness, goodness, nurturance and sensitivity while men have a more masculine essence. In the article many different women discuss feminist philosophy. For example Sara Ruddick talks about the experience of raising a child, “grows out of the practice of caring for and establishing an intimate connection with another being-a growing child. That practice is marked by a unity of reflection, judgment, and emotion.” She says that the experience of raising a baby isn’t specific to one piece of knowledge alone. It gives the opportunity to expand knowledge on many different levels that are relevant to basic knowledge and understanding. There are emotions that women were given that men were not, as the same for emotions that men were given that women were not. There is no way for a man to be able to understand how women think and feel and women are incapable of understanding how men think which is why I don’t think that one set of emotions should be more reliable than the other, both sides should be examined and

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