Feminist Feminism

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Growing up, fashion and make-up were never part of my life. I have never liked wearing skirts or dresses, I have no idea how to apply make-up, and I do not have any desire to do either. However, as I grew up, I realized that was not the norm of my friends, or “women” in general. When thinking about this paper, I suddenly recalled an episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, where he discussed the Miss America Pageant. I had heard of the pageant before, but I never knew they were a scholarship foundation until watching his show. The Miss America Pageant has been in existence for nearly one hundred years, yet they still judge women primarily on their physical beauty; making it difficult to believe their true mission is to want to help change the lives of young women across America. Though they state they are an organization for women, they enforce anti-feminist and patriarchal views of women. The Miss America Organization, comprised of the Pageant and the Foundation, boasts that it is the “nation’s largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women, awarding millions every year in cash and in-kind scholarships” (missamerica.org/about-us/). However, it is hard to see the connection between academic scholarship and watching women parade around a stage in swimsuits. According to their “about us” page, under the heading “We Fund Scholars,” it states that the “Miss America Foundation strives to change lives and influence young women across the country and around the

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