Feminity and Sexual Desires in The Storm by Kate Chopin

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The Storm is a story Written by Kate Chopin. The time at which the story was set is in the 19th century. The story was set in Louisiana and in real sense, Louisiana is a place that is best known for violent storms. The story is about is a confrontation of the theme of femininity and complexities of the married people in the storm. The storm is used throughout the story, and it only ends after the characters, Alcee and Calixta’s sexual encounter, which brings out the theme of femininity, and sexual desires. Kate Chopin opens her story with the storm brewing, which keeps Calixta’s husband away from her stormy passions. She makes the storm so natural that one can never foreshadow what the storm symbolizes. The storm is always depicted as something dangerous, and destructive, but Chopin depicts the storm in her story as something that is good, and fulfilling. The characters were happy, and fulfilled after the storm ended instead of it causing destructions. Chopin introduces of theme of femininity, and its complexities in marriage, a theme which she later develops throughout the story using the image of the storm. She presents the image of the Storm in its natural life when she says, the storm kept Bobinot away from his wife Calixta, because he had to stay in the general store, until it ends. However, one has to search for the real meaning of the story as it extends. Chopin uses the image of the storm in the story. There is an underneath meaning of the storm in this story

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