Fences : A Play That Revolves Around The Times Of The United States Essay

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August Wilson, Fences

Fences is a play that revolves around the times of the nineteen fifties in the United States focusing in the city of Philadelphia. This was a time where a number of issues occurred going about the social problems facing the African American community. Many African Americans were denied a number of opportunities within the nation due to the color of their skin. This was due to the Jim Crow laws that were implemented into American society by a number of racist white American that held government positions to prevent the growth and prosperity of the African American community. This problem was one that was heavily present throughout most of American history which was never put down because a number of individuals within government opposed the opposition that wanted to rise up against the system that had kept the institution in charge for decades prior.

The nation confronted a social problem between white America which was not ready for the black upheaval that was spreading throughout the country during the nineteen fifties. Many had feared about the changes that were occurring. Knowing that the future that would be heavily affected as a result of the upheaval in America. This fear that had lingered was being expressed came from a number of white conservatives that did not support the civil rights movements during this time.

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