Fenian Manifesto Thesis Statement

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Fenian Manifesto
For this assignment we are to write a 2,000-word, roughly, essay on one of three documents. The Fenian Manifesto, Parnell's Speech or the Objects of Inghinidhe na hÉireann. I have as such chosen to do this essay on the 1867 Fenian Manifesto written for the failed Fenian Rising of the same year. I will be focusing this essay on three specific areas, specifically the 1867 proclamation compared to the 1916 proclamation on religious grounds, secondly the aspect of socialism and how that can be seen in the Manifesto and finally to whom in society the Manifesto was for and against.
First of all, there is quite the contrast between the 1867 manifesto(Blackboard) and 1916 proclamations (Tnúthghail Ó, 2013) in terms of religion. The
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