Feudalism And The Middle Ages

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Feudalism In The Middle Ages
When people conjure images of the Middle Ages, people think of chaos, war, and little improvement. In fact, much of this is true. During the Middle Ages, a system called the Feudal System was formed to maintain order. It might have made life tough for peasants, but it kept nobles, or upper-class people, rich and in power. The Feudal System greatly affected daily life for everyone, but, in time, it collapsed.
The constant chaos of the Middle Ages caused the Feudal System to be invented. During this time period, kingdoms in modern day western Europe were under constant threat from invading nations. Most kingdoms had been too large to have just a single figure of power, so Feudalism developed. Feudalism came mostly due to a single king 's inability to protect his land by himself (King 26). Another reason was that before the fall of the Roman Empire, an established and powerful entity, the leaders of kingdoms had strong bonds with their people. When the Roman Empire fell, there was no single strong power other than the Pope, and the ties between the leaders and the people broke (Pei). Without these ties, people and their Lords weren 't as friendly as before. With no strong power in place, defenses were needed. This is how the Feudal classes came to be, as knights "swore to support their lord militarily and their lord swore to protect them"(Pei). Because of the constant need for defenses, classes formed: kings, to rule; lords, to control villages;

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