Fever, 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Point of View: The novel is narrated by Mattie Cook in the first person. She is only able to speak for herself. The only thoughts and feelings she displays are her own and the story is set wherever she is. Setting: The story takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1973. The epidemic hits the city in the late summer months and lasts until December. Mattie lives with with her mother and grandfather above a coffeehouse her family owns. There is little medical knowledge at the time which leads to little control over the virus. They are many africans living free in Philadelphia at the time also. There are also many mentions of the Free African Society. The setting and plot are rather historically accurate and reflect the events of the time period. For example, a yellow fever strain hit Philadelphia in the year 1793 in August. As well as date accuracy, many of the people mentioned were alive at the time. This includes people like, Benjamin Rush, Jean-Pierre Blanchard and George Washington. References to the Free African Society are correct too. The FAS was founded in Philadelphia and actually did help victims of the yellow fever. The last historical accuracy was the hospital at Bush Hill. Main Character: Matilda Cook is an adventurous and independence seeking 14-year old girl. Although she always being pestered by her mother, Mattie loves her mother dearly and worries when her mother does not return home after going the the Luddington’s farm. Mattie struggle with
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