The Women Of Brewster Place

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The Women of Brewster Place is presents the stories of seven ladies. Each story deals with an individual character, while the last story points out the entire community. In the novel, each character has an individual story to tell to the readers. Their stories reflects the troubles and sufferings of the Black women. Brewster place was an imaginary place created by Gloria Naylor. It was located at the dead end street. Brewster place is separated from the rest of the town by building a huge wall. The novel is set around seven characters who are the women having their residences at Brewster Place. The history of Brewster Place clearly visualizes the community changes in the country with some new historical shift. During the Civil Rights era, Brewster Place inherits its last inhabitants, African-Americans who are the migrants from the South. The novel begins with the long narrative story about Mattie …show more content…

She is the vital character of this novel as well as the first long narrative story is about her to the readers. She raised and lost her child even if she is a motherly figure to all other women in Brewster Place. After experencing hardships, losing a child, went away from parents and home. However, she not lose her courage and stands alone with her own legs. In the beginning of the story, Mattie is depicted as a normal woman with usual emotions of a girl. Her stability and confidence are the moral support for other women such as Etta and Ciel. Her generous heart and deep faith represent the best elements not only of Brewster Place but also of African-American women in common. In many ways, Mattie is the bedrock of the Brewster Place community. When Mattie arrives Brewster Place, she knows that it may be her last place to live. However, she does not lose her confidence and by that knowledge. She continues her life enthusiastically in the best way she knows and also give her arms to everyone who meets

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