Few Things Motivate Students More Than Chances

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Few things motivate students more than chances to connect their learning to the real world, build on their interests, and sharing what they know and can do with a public audience (Cervone, 2010). Once reluctant readers feel secure with their teacher and peers, they are more likely to take risks, try to excel, bring their out-of-school experiences to the discussion, and succeed with new found confidence in literary. Contrary to labels and negative attitudes reluctant readers experience, the person inside the student that is often overlooked, wants to give the teacher what they want. These students should be given the opportunity to independently read books that will draw upon their experiences in class, allow them to cultivate their considerable background knowledge about a topic, enhance their growing strategic repertoire and understanding of how texts work, to make sense of a complex text and to connect that text to other texts they haves read. When expected and equipped to thrive in literacy reluctant readers will enact the new identity as knowledgeable, confident, resilient readers, undaunted in the face of complexity, interested in the outcome of the book, and able to bring a repertoire of text-based, discipline-specific, problem-solving strategies to bear on their reading. Martin Maehr and Larry Braskam say it best, "People do what they believe they can and what they believe is worth doing.” Schools can do plenty to keep students engaged in learning, says Charlotte

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