Fiction Means “An Unreal Or Made Up Story (Kirszner, &

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Fiction means “an unreal or made up story (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 91).”
“Short Story refer to “a story based on a theme; however shorter than a novel (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p.95).”
Plot implements the main events in sequence order (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 110).”
Theme: The big idea or topic.
The setting is a location or the demographical environment place the story occurred (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 148).”
The point of View: “the attitude or the way the story presented to the audience. It is to enhance the way the audience interpreting a situation (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 170).”
Antagonist illustrates “a person, who is opposed to, struggles against (Kirszner, & Mandell, 2012 p. 110).”
Flashback: “is …show more content…

The stories conflict stems from the community’s perspective of their views in regards to the way they see the Grierson’s family. They perceive them as stuck up and better opposed to the ordinary people within the town. For example, the Grierson family was wealthy and not deprived. They had the capability to loan the community money, while her father was alive. Then once he had passed away, the community felt just and validated that now Miss Emily would be a force to blend in with the community and become ordinary folks just like others that surrounded her. I believe that if the story were presented from a neutral perspective or point of view, it would be a little different then the way the neighbors gave the story, it came across at times as bias/even one-sided. For example, when the neighbors began to describe the scent they associated it to smelling like a rat. Also, the mayor sent a letter to informing Emily of her family’s neglect to pay their taxes. Before the town had already formed an opinion on the Grierson’s way before Emily father passed. However, Emily families were in breach of their taxes and were lagging behind due to them losing her father.
The second element of fiction is the plot: the plot consists of the following features characters, conflict, climax, falling actions, and the resolution. First, let 's address the

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