Fiction Paper Final Draft

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Hunter Worthington
Professor Carol Briley
English 102
3 March 2015
Violent Rite of Passage
Joey R. Poole presents an intriguing story in “The Hand-Me-Downs.” Simon is a straight shooting kid that follows rules and does not ask many questions. But later in the story, the reader can tell that the violence surrounding Simon erodes his attitude. He begins to stand up to his brother and he begins to understand that he has free will. At the beginning of the story, the reader can tell that Simon is a typical innocent young kid but by the end of the story, the reader is convinced otherwise. Simon changes as the story progresses representing a dynamic character rather than a static character.
The innocence and virtuousness that Simon possesses is …show more content…

Both Simon’s brother and father act on their anger and Simon pays attention to how they deal with their anger.
A turning point for Simon’s attitude is when he himself experiences the violence first-hand. Ricky shot Simon in the face, and although the pain from this wound does not make Simon cry, Simon loses it when Ricky “knelt over him and put his hand on Simon’s hair.” Simon’s environment has conditioned him to be frightened when someone touches his hair.

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