Fight Song Analyse

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Song 1:
“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten: I chose this song because it describes Romeo in Act 3 Scene 1, this is the scene where Benvolio and Mercutio ride along the streets in the warm sun and Benvolio warns Mercutio to call it a day because of the Capulets. And the Capulets might come along and try and fight with them, then Tybalt comes along and challenges Mercutio to a fight, then Romeo arrives. While trying to break up the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt, Tybalt then punctures Mercutio and he falls dead. This sudden causes Romeo to no longer be nice to Tybalt. Like the line "My powers turned on, starting right now i’ll be strong” relates to Romeo having to be strong that his best friend is going to die and since Juliet has weakened him
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