Fighting Racism through Diversity Training Programs Essay

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Imagine being hated by people because of skin color. Racism still exists. Racial discrimination is always wrong and demeans a person. Everyone suffers when racial discrimination flourishes. Racism is one of the world’s major issues. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in the schools, workforce, and everyday life. Racism has affected America on a personal level as well as a global level. While racism still exists in America, it can be prevented or potentially eliminated through the effective implementation of diversity training programs in schools and corporate institutions.
Why do some people hate the color of African American skin? All people bleed, cry, die, and have feelings. Society has standards and expects …show more content…

What this California woman proves that racism still exists.”Have we reason to expect, or dare we ask of him whose ways are all equal, the continuance of his blessings to us, whilst our ways are so unequal.”(Nash 131)
People can also help prevent racism in our communities and schools. Suggest that people develop a policy statement against all forms of racial discrimination. Object to racist jokes and insults because there not funny. “Nothing less than a racial reorganization of American elementary education is necessary, therefore, if the schools are to begin to discharge their obligation to teach Negro youngsters.” (Silberman 277)
Experiencing racism is difficult especially on those who never been in that type of work environment. In the workplace corporations have created test to determine if a person is racist which is very helpful in prevent racial discrimination.
All in all, racism is something that should have not happen and it’s sad that it did and still does. Though it has gone through many stages, America progressed in trying to get better and show everyone that they are equal. People can also find ways to remove racism completely. If the old generations stop passing on racism to the new generations it would be a step to ending racism.

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