Figurative Language In Othello

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Othello was a black man on a usual position that was a military general for the state of Venice. He’s one of the most important people in Venice but perceived as an outsider. Originally he was not from Venice; he was a moor which means he’s from North Africa. Othello felt in love with young white Venetian woman named Desdemona. They got married in secret because the society won’t accept this. Iago was Othello chief offices and secretly he hates Othello, the reason behind that he thinks that he deserve the promotion but as Othello as military general passed him over for a promotion. So he decided to inspiration to destroy Othello marriage life with the help of Roderigo .Roderigo was admired Desdemona and he believes that Othello has stolen his love Desdemona from him. Both Iago and Roderigo wanted to revenge from Othello. Iago started to convince Othello that his wife Desdeomona is cheating on him, so Othello started to believe that his wife is cheating on him due to …show more content…

Upon waking Brabantio, both Iago and Roderigo use a sexual imagery and figurative language. On another hand, Othello entrance is calm and rational. When he defeats himself he uses a music language and invites Desdemona to give her speech to justify her behavior. At the beginning, her father Brabantio doesn't believe that his innocent daughter had escaped with the moor. He thinks that she was under black magic, but after Desdemona speech he warns Othello and his daughter by saying that she will betray her husband because she has already betrayed her father and they will face serious consequences. He is shame from her behavior not because she married without his consent, but because she married from a black, Barbary Moor which makes him loses his honor in front of the upper class status that he belongs to. But first, lets us talk about the place and the language that they use in this scene and why everybody disagree this

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