Essay about Figurative Language in the Poem Parsley by Rita Dove

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In the Poem Parsley, Rita Dove uses a legion of figurative language to make a point about the political state of the Dominican Republic and to draw attention to the socioeconomic issues in that society. She effectively utilizes a narrator who gives the reader insight into the lives of the migrant workers as well as the life of the wealthy dictator. We can see into both of their lives and gain an understanding of how they perceive their existence. Diction plays a key role in showing the violence that is going to and eventually does occur. The words chosen relate back to war or make the most ordinary, everyday tasks sound violent. Finally, the parrot in the poem is used to signify all of the major themes and provide insight into the two worlds.
Parsley is broken up into two different points of view, which are crucial to understanding the mindset of the author, who is making a political statement. The poem contrasts the lives of the Haitian migrant workers with that of the wealthy, isolated dictator of the Dominican Republic. The poem is presented in the third person point of view. Despite the fact that the word “I” is never used in the poem, we are still provided with a harrowing insight into the mind of the workers and El General. The first part of the poem, which is titled “The Cane Fields,” gives us the point of view of the migrant workers, defenseless, impoverished people who are tortured and exploited by their wealthy and powerful master (Dove). “El General…

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