Film Analysis Of Forest Gump

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Forest Gump is a movie about man of the same name, from Alabama. A majority of the movie is Mr. Gump sitting on a bus stop bench narrating his life story to strangers who sit next to him. It may not sound like a very exciting film however, though being a poorly whited man, Forest has an exceptionally fascinating life and pulls the audience in with all his accomplishments, things that many people dream of.
Forest Gump was not a smart man and was very simple minded. As a child in the 1950’s Forest was picked on for many reasons, one of which was his leg braces he had to wear. His only real friend was Jenny. Though Forest didn’t have many friends he did have some amazing stories. He met the early Elves Presley, and even taught him some dance moves as a young child. Then he moved on and managed to make it onto a division one college football team where he became an all American, and was invited to the white house to meet the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. This part of the film was fascinating, because of special effects it appeared as if Tom Hakes was actually there with John F Kennedy shaking his hand. Robert Zemeckis said “The President's voice sounds authentic, his mouth movements match his movie dialogue, and he and Mr. Hanks appear to be on precisely the same film stock, in the same frame. Special kudos for this go to Ken Ralston, the film's special-effects supervisor.”
After college Forest joined the US army and was sent to Vietnam. This is where he met

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