Film Analysis Of The Lost World

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The movie The Lost World revolves around Jeff Goldblum’s character, the smug and flirtatious scientist, Dr. Ian Malcom, being coerced to venture to the fictional island of Isla Sonar, which is currently populated by genetically engineered dinosaurs brought back by the company InGen. With the former CEO of the company John Hammond, who lost control of the company due to the events of the last movie, tasking Malcom with documenting the behavior of the dinosaurs.
Though, at first unwilling because his experiences from the first movie, Malcom learns that his girlfriend is already on the island and thus accepts. However, shenanigans ensue when Malcom’s posy runs into a retrieval team sent by InGen to capture the dinosaurs and bring them to a zoo in San Diego. As the movie continues it becomes more and more apparent that Malcom’s team, though portrayed as the good guys, are not actually in the right. As their ineptitude at being able to take pictures and their need to get involved with a company’s dealings, leads to millions in dollars of damages and the deaths of dozens of people. To begin the task Malcom was sent on was to simply observe the dinosaurs and not interfere, because Hammond wanted to build public support for the protection of the dinosaurs. As well as, the fact that Malcom and his team would be on the island illegally, as the island was owned by InGen, and Malcom was no longer CEO and thus would be unable to give them any form of permission to be on the island. But

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