Film Analysis Of Wyatt Earp

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Throughout the years, there has been an abundance of movies depicting the wild west during the nineteenth century. One of these films includes Tombstone which was released in the year 1993. Based on real events, this movie is about a man named Wyatt Earp, played by Kurt Russel, who is a retired officer that settles in a town called Tombstone with his two brothers. Later, they encounter a group of outlaws called the Cowboys which was led by Curly Bill and Johnny Ringo. Due to some conflict between the opposing sides, it causes a massive gunfight called the O.K. Corral in which the Earp brothers and long-time friend Doc Holliday, played by Val Kilmer, ultimately win the battle. As a result of the fight not ending in the Cowboys favor, they ambush the town in which leads to Virgil, played by Sam Elliot (Tombstone, 1.), becoming handicapped and Wyatt’s younger brother, Morgan played by Bill Paxton, dead. This infuriates Wyatt which then leads him to seek vengeance for his brother’s death. While Wyatt kills Curly, Doc and their posse attack the remaining Cowboys. After the ambush, Doc’s tuberculosis progressively gets worse and is left on bed rest. As Wyatt and the posse continue to meet up with Johnny and the Cowboys, Doc has already arrived and murders Johnny legally.
Tombstone, compared to other films, gives a realistic depiction of the west of that time period based on the set. It is based on a real place located in southern Arizona . This little town was established in 1877

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