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Reel Injun The film Reel Injun, is a documentary of how Hollywood is portraying Native Americans as well as showing how it is distorting U.S. history. However, that is not the only concern that the movie brought out. The other concern was how Hollywood portrays Native Americans is negatively affecting Native American. Also, the film Reel Injun will be talking about how this view on Native American is changing as time pass by in our own time. In the movie, Native Americans are often portrayed as spiritual, noble, and free this ideal image of Native Americans captured the world’s imagination at one point. It all began in late 1800s when Native Americans were among the first to shot silent by Thomas. One of the common attraction that made…show more content…
In addition, the crow believed that riding with the horse heals a person, it makes a person think about something that is not just yourself. This description of the Crow people of Montana proves the point that there is only a specific area in the U.S. where Native American actually ride horse or believe that horse is something that holds a lot of meaning. Furthermore, tired of seeing only white guys riding in the movies, Rod became one of Hollywood’s top stuntmen. Rod now trains young natives in the secrets of his craft. Rod believes that if a person does not teach people, then those same people will never be going to learn, which Rod takes as his life mission. Also, Rod believes that if he does not tell people about Indians, then everybody is going think that all Native American are all drunk and they are going to think we all can ride bareback, this further proves how big the problem is for the Native American. There is always that constant fear or tension that Indians culture is diminishing and is replaced by a bunch of stereotype. In addition, in U.S. history Native American has been constantly portrayed differently as time pas by ever since early years of film. The portrayal of Native Americans all started in the silent era where Native Americans not only became a hero, but a Hollywood star.

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