Film Analysis: The Red Shoes

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“Why do You Want to Dance?” So inquires Boris Lermontov of Victoria Page. Victoria pauses a moment, contemplating. She then simply replies, with a tinge of defiance in her voice, “Why do you want to live?” This scene, as well as the entirety of The Red Shoes, resonates with my passion for film. Without cinema I am nothing.
Film is an artistic medium with the capability of telling a profound story and creating a feeling. Powell and Pressburger do this beautifully in The Red Shoes through their use of color and editing, capturing the struggle between Victoria’s personal and professional lives. The power of a great movie can bring its audience into another world, and allow the viewer to connect the film to their own lives. Like literature, Film utilizes metaphors, symbolism, and countless other techniques to convey its message. The result can be poetic, mysterious, funny, haunting, and all around moving.
From the inexplicable yet deeply human stories by Charlie Kaufman, to the beautifully chaotic and surreal imagination of Don Hertzfeldt, film has become a part of my identity, and much of how I think and act is a product of how film has changed me as a person. I see most everything in my life as though it is a scene in a movie. I consider what kind of shot I would use for the scene I am currently in, and how best to convey …show more content…

Two Days, One Night, focusing in on a depressed mother in her attempt to convince her coworkers to allow her to keep her job at the cost of their bonus. Edward Yang’s contemplative masterpiece, Yi Yi, following a Taiwanese family in Taipei as they deal with issues of love, life and philosophy. My favorite film, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, weaves the lives of nine different people, each with their own stories and struggles that connect with another in some way, building to a singular climax involving all of

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