Film Review : The Movie ' Enemy '

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If there is at least one film that I almost ended up liking, but the “almost” part hit the curve real fast by the end of the film, then that film was Enemy. There are some elements in a film that make a film work well and look great and they include many things, like concepts of photography, music and art direction to acting and many other factors, but ultimately it all breaks down to the story. You could enjoy a film and still consider it bad because it failed to give you a good story. In Enemy, I feel like there was a cool story behind it, but what became of it onscreen ended up being a mess.

Enemy is directed by Denis Villeneuve, who is well known for great award-winning movies such as Prisoners and Sicario. This Canadian production also stars the famous Jake Gyllenhaal in a multiple lead role. Talking about receiving awards, Enemy did get a bunch of them as well. But I don’t know why it deserved them. The film tells the story of a middle aged college history professor, Adam who is living with his girlfriend and is dissatisfied with his life up until the point where he discovers his doppelganger, Anthony who is a part time actor and suddenly finds a little excitement and drama. Adam starts to pay a great deal of interest in Anthony’s life and the plot continues from there onwards. There is a great deal of symbolism in this film, which makes the film deviate from the original plot. The complexity in the story arises not because one wouldn’t understand that everything that
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