Film Review on Our Family Wedding

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This Comedy tells the story of two families, one African American and the other Mexican-American, that are forced to combine when Lucia (Ferrera) and Marcus (Gross) announce their engagement. Lucia and Marcus have been secretly living together and having premarital sex unbenouced to Lucia’s family who are Mexican American. Lucia has dropped out of Columbia Law School and is planning to move away with Marcus to the country Lous so he can practice with Doctors without Borders once they are married . Lucia plans on introducing her fiance to her family and letting them in ontheir plans. It’s a bold move especially for Lucia not only because Marcus is from a different background but her family doesn’t know about him. The meeting between…show more content…
The film lookes at the prejudices between the families but did not touch on how interacial couples also have deal with societies biases against them. Being a interacial couple may come along with its shares of difficulties, diffrences between the indiviuals, famial prejudice, and societies prejudice.
Even though the film was meant to funny, it did make me think about different cultural preduice and obstacles interacial relationships may face. Over all I enjoyed the film it poked fun at racial prejudice and brought some good topics to the table. However, I wish they would have take the opportunity to have gone deeper into racism and brought it out into the open for people to
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