Final Portfolio: Assignment Analysis

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Name: Hunter M. Poppaw

Projected College Financial Plan
This assignment is part of the Final Portfolio for the class and is due November 19. You will be graded on completeness of work and honesty in your reflections of your college finances. You will not need to give me any personal income information, but merely reflect in general terms about the challenges you might face as a college student. Read the chapter from College Success on “Taking Control of your Finances.” What was one “aha” moment you had when reading this chapter about your past or current financial situation?
I didn’t really have an “aha” moment when I was reading the chapter, I learned a lot about budgets in my personal finance class and it was mostly the same. Something that I am more interested in is work study. …show more content…

I used was Scholarship Search, College Cost Calculator and EFC Calculator.
Which was the most useful to your current situation and why?
I feel the most helpful was the Scholarship Search because A lot of the other surveys the tools asked some questions I wasn't quite sure to answer about my living situation. I'm from a divorced family with my mom being remarried and my two step siblings living here every other weekend so it sometimes it's hard to figure out how many people are in your household questions. when I started this process it felt like there wasn't any scholarships that I qualified for, especially since I was undecided on what I want to major in.
Find the Financial Referral Center on the EvCC website and look around, or visit the FRC on campus. Where could you or would you go to help you find ways to pay for college?
You could visit the office that is located in the Parks Student Union building on the 3rd floor or the links on their page. EvCC financial aid
Considering what you have learned, what are some simple steps you can take right now to plan your college financial future? Write 3-10 specific actions you can

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