Challenges Of College Students

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For first year students coming straight from high school, college life can either be very exciting or overwhelming depending on how well one prepares for it. Some have the notion that college is fun and is all about partying, while some believe that it is an environment in which they can achieve the ultimate freedom thus escape the stringent rules made by their parents at home. Others look forward to experiencing a different learning environment while being exposed to different cultures and sharing different academic knowledge. Successful assimilation into college life is determined by the student’s capability to transform into the new role of a college student. Numerous students face challenges they have never experienced before which can …show more content…

Allocating more time towards having fun rather than focusing on schoolwork or studying in general also affects student’s time management. Since they have every opportunity of flexibility with minimal boundaries involved, there is the urge to enjoy the newfound liberty, and as a result, neglect of assignments, deadlines bypassed and incompetent test results. For that reason, the commitment to study is only realized when exams are approaching thereby causing panic to the student as the realization that class materials have not been covered starts to arise. Finally, the most difficult challenge students face in college is a financial hardship. Many students come from various walks of life and sometimes determining one’s financial capability to offset college costs during the early stages of can be problematic. Some students come from well to do families who have a tremendous capacity to pay full tuition without external assistance. These particular students do not require financial aid or scholarships, as they can meet the institution’s financial requirement regardless of what level in college they may fall under as the source of wealth is derived from the family or families. Other students, however, come from impoverished families whom solely depend on financial aid and work full time or part time

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