Finally a Family

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Toph was sitting in her New York City apartment playing with her daughter, Lin. She felt as Lin stood on her chubby feet and walked to her mother. Toph snatched her up and tossed her the air, lightly so she wouldn't lose hold of her. Lin laughed excitedly, asking in her own language to be thrown higher, but she couldn't form the words in her estatic state. Suddenly, she heard someone coming to the door, and she put Lin on the ground with her toys. Lin immediatly started playing, still laughing. Toph walked to the door, and had just reached it when the stranger knocked. Sokka Tanver waited at the door of the one and only Toph Korran. It had been two and a half years since he had seen her last. The whole gang had been in New York City for the wedding of Sokka's sister, Katara, and Zuko Haren. Back then, Sokka and Toph had loved each other. And although Sokka had never told anyone, he had planned to marry Toph. But he had been a fool. He had kicked himself everyday since then for being so stupid. How could he have allowed himself to be tricked like that? But he didn't have time to get mad at himself again for what had happened. Toph opened the door slightly, just enough to see the side of her face. "Who's there," she demanded. She didn't even reconize him anymore? He told him her name, and she threw the door open. "Sokka!" She exclaimed as she hugged him tight. Toph never would have expected Sokka, her old friend and flame, to be here. He hadn't seen her in so long,

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