Financial Analysis : Brahmaputra Financial Advisors Essay

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ECUTIVE SUMMARY Brahmaputra Financial Advisors is comprehensive consultancy and advisory firm which will provide quality advisory services relating to investment planning in capital market securities such as equity market, mutual funds, etc, Retirement planning in various pension funds ,Tax Planning as well as Insurance Planning services in various insurance products . We will provide optimum customer specific advisory services to the small investors in accordance to their needs, purpose and priorities in our locality after a proper research on the market, which will be done us. We will try to attract the investors through advertising and creating awareness among them about the financial markets through various Financial Literacy Programmes Our target customers will particularly be the small and medium investors who are unable to avail such services as most of the financial and advisory firms mostly deal with the big ticket investors and thus the small investors have no choice but to invest their assets in passive funds in investment management companies or mutual funds companies which are subjected to index and fund manager’s performance and thus may not bring expected returns. However recent evidence of systematic departures of asset prices in the from equilibrium values, as envisaged under the market efficiency, has renewed interest in ‘active’ fund management and investment advisory services and which entails that optimal selection of stocks, and the timing of

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