Financial Crisis : The 2008 Mortgage Crisis

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The 2008 mortgage crisis was preceded by a series of missteps and unfortunate circumstances culminating in a perfect storm that triggered the worst financial meltdown since the great depression. After experiencing an 87% increase in average home prices between January 2002 and mid –2006, the mortgage market steadily declined and the boom began to subside. Unfortunately, the boom soon became a bust and by the end of 2008, housing prices were about 25% below the peak level achieved in 2006. As a result liquidity and capital disappeared from the market. (Jeune Renay. Lessons Learned In The Aftermath Of The Mortgage Crisis). A period of unusually high home foreclosure rates that caused an impact on the economy is still some years later an unfolding story in many American cities. It was not just a subprime event, but a much broader phenomenon that was among the most notable economic events of recent years. This was the result of irresponsible buyers who borrowed much more than they could afford. Regardless of the cause, foreclosure was difficult for the individuals who experienced it. They simply were buyers who had not done their homework. Today is safe to say that home buying isn’t for everyone. Despite all that has been said and done about this crisis, one realizes a need to understand and discuss the lessons learned as well as determine silver linings drawn from the event which will more fully illustrate how buyers are benefiting today. The following paragraphs will explain

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