Financing Green Energy

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Investment in Green Energy Production Case Study-Indonesia Introduction The term Green energy refers to energy sources which have less injurious impacts on the environment in comparison with the traditional sources of fuel such petroleum, coal, natural gas etc. The use of green energy is intended to produce power without causing much harm to the natural habitat and also in a rather pollution free manner. Indonesia has been taking measures and been involved in policy reforms meant for facilitating the use of green energy. Various projects have been initiated in this regard. In the case of Green energy, the typical forces of demand and supply are activated and this industry is becoming excessively lucrative from investment point of view. Investment in Green Energy in Indonesia In order to select a potential project which is worthy of investment, the overall dynamics of green energy in Indonesia have to be considered. As per the current statistics available. Indonesia has managed to cross the benchmark of USD 1 Billion in Green energy investment and has observed 520 percent growth in investment in 2011. As policy measures, Indonesia has various policies in place such as Energy Law(LawNo.30/2007), Geothermal Law(LawNo.27/2003), Geothermal Business (GovernmentRegulationNo.59/2007), Green Energy Policy (MinisterialDecree:No.0002/2004) which would encourage the use of green energy in Public as well as private sector. The aim is to increase the share of renewable energy
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