Finding Our Way: A Short Story Essay

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The woods were still, and snapped cold by morning frost. The silence only broken by the crunch of Nick’s boots over fallen twigs laying on the trail. His GPS hung loosely from his neck, and rubbed against his orange vest. Nick had been walking for half an hour. He should be close to the cache. Nick looked down at his GPS. The GPS showed Nick he was on the mark. He opened up a piece of paper that gave a description of the location. “A shady grove, a bushy bush, watch your step don’t fall on your tush.” Nick folded the paper back up and stuffed it in his pocket. He looked around for a moment. Nick spotted the grove to his left. Nick started making his way to the grove. As he was looking at the grove he spotted the cache. Covered in …show more content…

He didn’t expect to have walked so far from his car. Being on time for work might be a struggle today.
The walk back seemed quicker. As he came to his car, he took of his bag, and untucked his shirt. He slipped his keys from his pocket and unlocked the car. Nick threw his bag, vest and his shirt in the car as quickly as possible. He grabbed a work shirt from his backseat, and put it on. A bright orange colored logo with the name BroodWich was over the heart.
Nick jumped in the car. In a fluid motion he buckled his seatbelt, and started the car. The drive wouldn’t be too long, but he didn’t want to be late. Leslie, his manager loved him like a son but didn’t put up with tardiness very well. If traffic went smooth, there wouldn’t be much to worry about.
‘The roads are always peaceful at 7:30 in the morning.’ Nick thought. In the back of his mind, he was still thinking of that book. During the ten minute drive he thought about what was inside. Why was it left there? Nick had so many questions.
Still a few minutes to spare before work starts. Leslie wouldn’t have to lay into him today. Nick got out of his car, locking it as he shut the door. He started towards the BroodWich. Half way to work, he stopped and felt compelled to grab the book. Nick went back. Unlocking the car and grabbing his bag. He made sure to lock it back up on his way to work.
With a minute to spare Nick stepped in the door, a cold stare was waiting for him. Leslie was upset

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