Finding Stable Low Income Housing

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A middle classed single mother of three just moved into a house one week and the next it falling apart right before her eyes,the stairs collapsing, the roof shifting and structure failing. She barely makes enough to afford the house, her children all depending on her to provide. Yet, she now has to waste more money to keep her house safe for her and her children. Every night she cries because she feels she not being the best mother she can be. Her daughter asked her if they were gonna be alright. She replied, “ yes sweetheart there’s nothing to worry about”. That night the power shuts off due to electrical problems and there’s no water becuase the pipes bust.At this point it seemed easier to just live in a shelter. This situation is common throughout the Colorado community with a variety of houshoulds wether that include a no children, just a couple,indepedent man or woman, young middle aged citzens and senior citizens. Colorado homeowners/Renters continue to struggle to find stable low income housing. As the housing number in colorado has grown by 25,143 from 2014-2015 colorado has only put out 102,000 homes. Under pressure the housing quality continues to plummet with a rush to meet supply and demand of 1:6 homes to need. This issue needs to be addressed to homeowners and renter across Colorado. As action must be taken before this wildfire gets out of control. As houses begin to feel more like a construction site rather home, walking in every night seeing another problem…
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