Fire And Ice-Personal Narrative

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The narrow mountain leading to the hospital was a sheet of ice. Everything was coated with soft sprinkles of vivid and dazzling ice particles. I examined the scenery around me through the frozen metal bars around my frost bitten face. I noticed how lovely the iridescent, towering trees looked, shaped through beautiful specks of ice. I realized I was trapped in this constant suffering existence of mine. Just four months earlier had I crushed his fragile neck. The air no longer existed inside of his lungs. No longer would he breathe. Or so I had thought. I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was four months earlier as I could recall. That know-it-all had to run his mouth and I was on the verge of a massive breakdown at the time. He was the …show more content…

I growled through my teeth and spit though the miny bars around my mouth protecting them from my jaws. Seeing someone like myself finally put away, not causing chaos and destruction pleased everyone. I wasn’t any harm. I only put forth my wicked ways against cruel and terrifying animals we call humans. Eventually, my pent up anger caused me to snap. Being as idiotic and foolish as these chunks were, they didn’t search me thoroughly. It wouldn’t matter. Going to such a place would bring tears to my eyes. I never wanted to go home again. I couldn’t move in the pure white straight jacket tightened around me. The white fabric hugged me and I hated it. Only behind their defenses would I attack. Only at their weakest state would I finally have my revenge. No more living like an animal, no more being punished for the most idiotic things. The parents I treasured most turned their backs on me. They left me with these obese whales that were supposedly human. When they first tried to apprehend me, I giggled at them. Absolute morons I tell you. I could get by with just about anything. Only now would I be able to finally release my anger, but at the camp with everyone would be when I would do …show more content…

There’s no way he can even be able to talk. I thought I was delusional, hearing that once voice again. I had hoped to never hear him again. My arms tried to break free before I did, and the needles plunged into my skin tore out. I arched my back up, my neck slightly moving so I can see for myself the brother who I had supposedly killed a year ago. As I opened my eyes, I stared at the man. He was exactly as I remembered, soft hazel eyes, jet black hair, and a grin on his face. Soon enough, I felt rage course through my veins. I felt no regret for the actions I had done. I swore to myself I would forgive and mend these crucial sins I had made. Here this pathetic loser tried to forgive me. He had a large smirk plastered on his face. Instead, I went crazy. I jumped onto him, smashing his face in and breaking numerous bones. Surely I hadn’t kill him. As soon as he screamed, guards were all over me. This was it. I had blown my one chance to a new life. A fresh start in which I could possibly be happy again. It was a full on year in court. I had made many sins in my life. Some might have been forgiven but I pushed myself. I was thrown back into my cell. I sat there for hours looking at the new scenery. It certainly wasn’t beautiful. And neither was I. It had taken me two years to realize I had absolutely no talent for fixing

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