Fire At Fort Mcmurray: Forest Fires

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“Earth itself is often referred to as a spaceship. But it is a mistake to compare living systems with machines. Mechanical devices constantly wear out with time unless they are carefully maintained and repaired by people. Living things persist on their own, healing, replacing, adapting, and reproducing in order to continue. If the total of all life on Earth is a super organism, then it must have processes that perpetuate its survival.” (The Sacred Balance, 2009). In the book The Sacred Balance by David Suzuki states that the Earth regenerates itself because it is a living organism that has the ability to go on without any maintenance or repairs. This statements deems true if Earth was solely inhibited by its naturel state of being without human …show more content…

It destroyed structures, forced civilians to flee their homes and destroyed lengths of forestry. Investigations have been taking place in Fort McMurray to determine the cause of this disaster. “Leading Alberta scientists say climate change likely contributed to the Fort McMurray wildfire.” In the past 40 years, there is an increase in forest fires activity. As temperature have become increasingly warm, there has been a rise in forest fires all around the globe and they are dangers to wildlife and people living around them. There had been no rain in Fort McMurray for two months and everything became dry and hot which sparked the forest fire and enabled it to rapidly grow. The fire was a tragic event that altered the lives of many. Although many see fire as destructive and catastrophic, the symbol of fire represents both good and evil. According to J.C Cooper fire symbolises, transformation, purification, protection and renewal of life. The positive sides of this symbol allows individuals to see the good that can come from a tragedy through allowing new developments and help our society understand the negative impact hyper consumption has on our

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