First Day In School Essay

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“Sammie Jo, get up. We have to go drop dad off,” I hear mom say from my door. I roll out of bed with my doll, my brother is already in the living room. Dad has a big duffle bag sitting by the couch. He says good-bye to the dogs and then we all walk out to the car. My brother and I do not say word the whole car ride. Mommy was crying and holding dad’s hand on the way to Cherry Point. It took us about twenty minutes to get on base and to my dad's work building. There was a lot of buff men in their cammies, some of them are already on the bus. “What is going on?” I think to myself. Dad gives mom a hug and kiss before he gave me and my brother a hug. I don’t understand what is going on but I don’t let go off my daddy for what felt like forever. “Time to let go kiddo,” Dad says before making me pull away. He gives us one last look before walking into the big group of Marines. I keep my eyes on him as long as possible before he gets on the bus and drives away. The next day is the first day of second grade. I cannot wait to see my old classmates and meet my new teacher. When we get done eating breakfast, we give mom a hug good-bye then head to the bus stop. It does not feel right, only saying bye to one parent before going to school but my brother, Blake, just tells me that I better get used to it. The school day goes on as usual. I stay to myself a lot. I don’t need a ton of friends or to be the popular one; my only worry at the time is making good grades. All day I think to

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