First Generations : Women In Colonial America

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Analytical Paper #1
Imagine being a young woman and being expected to marry a man, not out of love, but essentially as a safety blanket to financially support you through life and to make all of your decisions for you. Well sadly this was the fate of the greater majority of colonial woman. These women experienced, “lives [that] were consumed by childbirth and field and household labor, and certainly followed by an early death” (7 Berkin). Colonial women had no voice amongst their communities, let alone their own families. Perhaps this is why many colonial women chose to remain with their Native American captors, some even after having the opportunity to return back home. Obviously we all know that woman have achieved a lot when it comes to the subject of civil rights. But, back in the colonial times, this was not something that was given too much of a thought. For example, even in a religious setting, “women were enjoined to silence during all worship services,” which Carol Berkin tells us about in her book, “First Generations; Women In Colonial America” (37). A woman named Anne Eaton was even tried and punished for speaking out about her religious opinions and the authorities being as ignorant as they were, “declared that Eaton’s “fall” was the result of reading and failure to seek guidance from her husband” (40). This shows that these woman had no voice or position within their communities to even do anything about these injustices. It is very clear that these colonial

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