First Nations People In Canada

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Ever since the British and French came to Canada, the first nations people have always seen themselves get the short end of the stick. Examples of this are: having their land taken away from them, receiving racial discrimination, being victim to Residential schools and being assigned a reservation to live on. For the last two centuries our Canadian government has been trying to make amends to these First Nations People. One of these amends to status indians are: No Taxes on any funds inside of a reserve, free education including post-secondary, huge cost deduction on housing, and of course our wonderful benefit of free healthcare. Based off of these benefits it would seem like First Nations peoples would live a very successful life, well this is infact very, very wrong!. Despite many benefits the First Nations peoples are still finding themselves living in poverty. Poverty levels are as high as 60% for First Nation children living inside a reserve. Whose fault is this? Is it the Canadian governments or the First Nations people’s fault. Are the ‘Status Indians’ getting enough funds from the Canadian government to live a successful life, Well… Let's take a look.
According to Huffington Post, the federal department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, pays an average First Nations person $9,056 per year. This number is up from $922 per person from 1950. These numbers are also adjusted …show more content…

Atikokan is a town with approximately 2,800 people. There operational costs are 8.4 million dollars. This is 1,300 more people than attawapiskat has and as ironic as it sounds, people in Atikokan are not living in ‘poverty’. So is there mismanagement of funds going on or is there just straight up corruption by the reservation chiefs. Well I strongly believe there is a bit of

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