My College Experience Essay

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This week has introduced very intriguing, interesting, and vital tips and topics for me to be successful as a first time college student. I feel more confident going about in my endeavors now that I have this new found knowledge. Now that I know these things, I can use them to fix where I fall short and improve even more when I am doing well in certain areas. In this essay, you will be informed about my personal shortcomings as a student, and how I can improve, my thoughts and feelings on ER Nursing, and what I have learned this week in class.

Personally, when trying to study or do work I waste time and get distracted by thinking of every other possible thing I think or know needs to be done. Even though it may not be a priority, I get the notion in my mind that “ it’ll be quick.” Then I proceed to do that with several other task and before I know it I’m hours in, and haven’t started on any assignments. I also get distracted by my phone and social media websites. My phone vibrates and I immediately have to check it, even though I do sometimes put it on airplane mode so it doesn’t. To overcome this, I just really need to crack down and focus, especially when an assignment may be due soon and I only have a little time to complete it. I can even go as far as giving my roommate or R.A my phone until I finish the assignment. As well as, lock my phone for a certain amount of time so that it isn’t accessible to me when I am trying to focus. As far as getting distracted by

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