First Union Bank Security Plan

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First Union Bank Security Plan

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1 Introduction 3
2 Who is attacking 4
3 Cyber criminals 4
4 Hackers 4
5 Type of hackers 4
6 Where are there from and motives 5
7 Bank policies 5
8 Identify reasons of inadequate policies 6
9 Changes in security and plan 7
10 Kerberos protocol 8
11 Additional protocol changes 10
12 Data breach in Mobile operating system 10
13 How to minimise the damage 10
14 How bank embrace future mobile application 12
15 Recommendations 12
16 Reference 15

1. Introduction:
Nowadays technologies increase day by day …show more content…

2. Who is attacking the banking systems in industry today?

• Cyber criminals
• Hackers

3. Cyber criminals:
Cyber criminals are illegally access into others account. They are illegally accessed more than half of the world’s largest banking website. Nearly one billion losses for every year for banking industry for this criminal attacks.

4. Hackers:
Hackers search a way to breach most protected computer to hack the data. While frequent banks, retailers and grocery shops will attack by hackers by past few years. Banking Trojans and malicious code specifically created for banking attacks. They are seven types of hackers some are good and bad

5. Types of hackers:

1. White hat hackers: These are computer security experts who has good knowledge in penetrating testing and methodologies to secure the company information. They are good hackers.
2. Black hat hackers: Black hat hackers are search a weak path to enter a network or a computer server. Their motivation is usually to get paid. These are bad hackers.
3. Script kiddies: This is a critical term for black hat hackers who use barrowed programs to attack networks and websites in try to make name for themselves.
4. Hacktivists: Some hackers are motivated by politics or religion or taking revenge. These hackers are enjoy by harassing their target.
5. State sponsored hackers: These hackers have limitless time and funding to target civilians, organizations and

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